Yuma Lodge Endorses National Board Members

Written on 06/23/2021
Eric Egan

During the Lodge meeting held on Monday June 21st, a motion was made to offer our lodge endorcement to FOP Members who are campaining for National FOP Board positions.   The motion was seconded, voted on and approved.  I sent the offer of endorcement to the individuals, and below are their responses.

Patrick Yoes running for re-election as the National President

“Thank you, brother, you and your members humble me.”


Joe Gamaldi running for re-election as the National Vice President

Thanks brother! I really appreciate it. Means the world to have y’all’s continued support and faith in me. I won’t let you down.”

Joe Gamaldi

Jimmy Holderfield running for re-election as the National Secretary

“My Brother.  I am thrilled and honored to receive your support.  Please let me know if I or any of my staff may be of service to you.  I am humbled by your actions.”


Keith Turney running for re-election as the National Sgt. at Arms

“Brother Egan,

Thank you so much for the great news!  Please covey my appreciation to everyone involved!”


James Smallwood running for National Treasurer

“This is wonderful news!  Thank you and please than your membership on my behalf for the support.  I will never be able to adequately express how much it means to me to have it!  See you in August!