From Your National President

Written on 11/06/2020
Eric Egan

National President Patrick Yoes released the following statement to our Nation's Law Enforcement Officers: "Our Country Is Counting on Us to Keep Holding the Line"

Our nation’s law enforcement officers have faced unprecedented challenges this year.  We couldn’t work from home during the spring lockdowns and we were on the streets, exposed to the dangerous coronavirus that killed 251 officers,  protecting everyone sheltered in their homes.  As our country emerged from the many stay-at-home orders, we watched a tragedy unfold in Minneapolis, which triggered weeks of riots and civil unrest.  Thousands of officers were injured, many seriously, while they struggled to keep the peace.  Officers found themselves being targeted for violence—more than 250 officers were shot in the line of duty this year, 40 of which were fatal attacks.  

Throughout this extraordinary time, you have not just endured, you have succeeded in your public safety mission.  We are proud of you, of your service and your sacrifice.  But your watch has not ended and we must ask more of you.

As the Presidential election process resolves, it is possible that there may be areas which will experience another wave of civil unrest and violence against persons and property.  All of us in law enforcement will be back on the line, protecting our fellow citizens and safeguarding our communities.  This is our job and we have every confidence that all of you will do your duty.

As the Fraternal Order of Police, we gave endorsements and participated in the political process.  

As law enforcement officers, we leave our personal politics at the stationhouse door.  We protect and serve the community, we follow the lawful orders of our superior officers and we conduct ourselves as professional law enforcement officers.  

Thank you again for your steadfast service and may God protect you and our nation in these tempestuous times.